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Solar Panels!


As the solar energy industry emerges, stronger with each year, the need has arisen around the world for sun power, not just in the U.S. As Fortune recently posted, “While growth in the U.S. solar industry is clearly large, it’s really just getting started.” However, the questions I pose today is: why is solar energy just getting started ONLY in developed countries? Why can’t developing countries utilize the newest technologies to bring energy sources to everyone? That is exactly what BluSol Global aims to do.

Egypt is still considered a developing country and is still highly dependent on fossil fuels. Access to electricity is scarce throughout the country and diesel fuel is needed to irrigate crops in the sunny region. Our first mission is to bring clean, sustainable irrigation techniques to Egyptian farmers which span vast areas of the global sunbelt, feeding their crops with water from the majestic Nile and its surrounding tributaries. Once we are able to begin sourcing these solar powered irrigation pumps, we have dreams of expanding into other areas which are in need of solar energy.

While by no means am I downplaying the incredible gains which solar power has made in the U.S., I simply bring this to light because the continuation of advancement in developed countries forces under-developed and developing countries to fall even farther behind on the global scale. Why allow the 1st and 3rd world gap to grow any larger when modern technology, being made accessible to everyone, can improve the environment as well as the status of all the people who share this beautiful Earth?