Roller Coaster Business RideFedEx Grant & BluSol Global


We recently applied for the Federal Express Small Business Grant, which has been a lot of fun and actually served to help accelerate our plan. We found out about the grant opportunity late in the game and the timeline for submission was nearly two-thirds past when we found the grant and started working on it. Nearly everyone on the team looked at it and said “we’re too late” but then we thought, why not? Even if we don’t win, we will end up with some great resources and move our plan along.

Enter, “the work.” Like finishing our video off at 7:30 am after an all-nighter launched following a 3-day delay caused by a nasty case of the flu. Then came the voting blitz to all our contacts anywhere we could find them, building out our social media and updating the content on our website. Up until now, we hadn’t spent much time working on all of these things because we’ve been focusing on getting the factory in Egypt up and running and working out the details of the launch. As I write this, I’m 16 days from heading to Egypt to help with the opening of the factory and initial product training and production runs.

Our final vote tally after five and a half days of furious promotion was 1,027 votes and I want to personally thank everyone who helped us in any way including voting, rallying votes, offering advice and providing emotional boosts when they were most needed. For those of you not familiar with the FedEx Small Business Grant, check it out here, it’s awesome.

With two weeks left in the FedEx small business competition, we are going to accelerate content production and our social media presence and we hope to place! Supporters, you can continue to help us out by sharing our social media posts and telling your friends. We are now on to a 7-day countdown to hopefully make the top 100 in the competition! Wish us luck and follow our story.