Calling all innovative thinkers, outlandish engineers and world-class dreamers! BluSol Global believes in American ingenuity and our ability to invent, create, experiment, innovate and persevere in the face of challenges. It is what landed us on the moon, has taken us to the depths of the ocean, split the atom and been responsible for tens of thousands of other patents and inventions. Curious about what has recently been done with solar recently? Here are a few remarkable examples:

  1. Solar Impulse Plane: the world’s first solar plane that successfully completed an around the world flight without fuel. It was ingeniously designed and took over 10 years to develop, finally completing its circumnavigation of the world last year. The company’s motto is ‘Exploration to Change the World’ and what they have already achieved is nothing short of what you might envision in a futuristic sci-fi.
    To continue their search for clean technology, the founders of Solar Impulse established the International Committee of Clean Technology (ICCT). Their goal was to extend the legacy of the Solar Impulse plane and seek new, revolutionary energy solutions to solve challenges around the world.

  2. Solar powered water purification systems: a portable solution to provide clean water to remote regions around the world. Clean drinking water is a basic necessity that around 750 million people struggle to access. However, the creation and dissemination of a simple and sustainable system could change that. A model designed by an environmental company called Watersprint was selected by the UN last year to be distributed in Bangladesh, and similar systems have seen huge success in Mexican villages. Simple yet brilliant solutions such as this will ultimately transform developing countries and improve the lives of the people that live there.

  3. Sun powered laptops: meet Sol, an affordable solar laptop. A solar charged computer means the end for cords and dead laptops in airports, sure, but it has much more important implications. Think of areas with limited access to internet and education, Sol could change the way children learn, adults acquire new skills and ultimately how populations elevate their quality of life. For only $300, Sol is a rugged laptop that can be fully charged in just two hours! Just imagine the sun-powered possibilities with this gadget.

BluSol believes solar energy innovations need a channel to get them into developing and underdeveloped countries more quickly, and we’re working on ways to make that happen. Currently we are seeking creative and passionate partners that share our vision. If you have a solar technology, product, invention or work in progress that you think the developing world can benefit from we’d love to hear from you. Together we can make the world a better, more sustainable planet one solution at a time.