Global Sun Belt

Positioned in the Global Sun Belt, Egypt is one of the largest population zones in the Middle East with a growing population of over 90MM.   The new Egyptian government established in 2014 is aggressively working to expand opportunities and improve living conditions throughout Egypt, and energy production is of the highest priority.  BluSol has developed manufacturing capabilities in Egypt and sourced integrated solar power solutions to support solar energy in areas ranging from home and business power to agriculture.


Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to drive new markets and demand.  This is accomplished through a joint venture with Global for Power, an Egyptian company with well-established relationships with government agencies, resellers, and financial institutions. Together, this joint venture creates local manufacturing, customer financing and access to solutions that enable customer purchasing where there was no opportunity before. 

Value Proposition for Egyptian Customers:

  • Rapid Access to US Innovations
  • Lower Price Through Local Production
  • Financing Options to Empower Customers
  • Faster Delivery
  • Local Suppliers and Local Workers Support the Local Economy
  • Egyptian Home Court Advantage

Green Planet Solutions

BluSol Global operates on the premise of building a better world through green solutions that reduce greenhouse gasses while simultaneously improving the quality of life for customers. It truly is a time for a global change in business practice, sustainability, and creating solutions that are not only fiscally sound and scalable but also capable of creating significant, positive impact on the health of our planet.