BluSol Global partnered with Global Techniques for Energy to create a US-Egyptian joint venture that brings US alternative energy innovations to the Middle East solar energy market. Focusing on specific market segments such as agriculture, industrial, and microgrid applications that will support the region’s developing infrastructure, BluSol Global facilitates US partnerships.    
BluSol is seeking innovators. We want to partner with game changers in the US that are as passionate about growing with the solar market as we are. Working together, BluSol can help establish your company as a preferred supplier of solar-powered technology that can be integrated into the rapidly evolving renewable energy infrastructure in the Middle East. Countries across the globe are shifting away from fossil fuels and pouring resources into laying the groundwork for solar energy projects.     
With BluSol as your Middle East partner, we can help you capitalize on the renewable market potential from your products. Join us as we create cleaner energy for a cleaner planet! Please contact us for more information on the solutions we currently deliver in the Middle East and discuss introducing your company or product for distribution in the Middle East.

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